Our blog series is divided into 4 categories.   You can click on any of the categories to access that series.  The entries grayed out are pending and will be available soon, so be sure to check back every week.


Series 1: Basic Medicare

  • Eligibility

  • Best Time To Enroll

  • Information You Will Need to Enroll

  • How/Where to Enroll

  • How Claims Work

​Series 2: How To Pay Expenses Not Covered By Basic Medicare

  • How Much Does This Stuff Cost, Anyway?

  • What Basic Medicare Covers and Doesn’t Cover

  • What Medicare Supplement Plans Cover and Don’t Cover

  • What Medicare Advantage Plans Cover and Don’t Cover

  • How To Cover Your Prescriptions Costs

Series 3: Chosing the Right Plan and Insurance Company for You

  • Medicare Supplement Plan Survey
    (get our recommendation now) 

  • Is Medicare Advantage Really an Advantage?

  • How To Choose the Right RX Plan

  • Are All Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies Create Equal? (Why it matters who you do business with)

Series 4: Q&A Topics

  • Moving Out of State? What About My Medicare?

  • Medicare + Medicaid At The Same Time

  • Couples On The Same Plan?

  • Can You Move From Medicare Advantage to Original Medicare? 

  • What Medicare Agents Can and Can’t Do to Earn Your Business

  • What’s the Difference Between an Agent and a Broker